Offbeat Magazine

July 2004: At the Creole Creamery patrons pore over the freezer cases… There is, after all, a lot to consider in the extensive menu of ice cream and sorbet, including an entire freezer case reserved for eight variations of chocolate. ‘White Chocolate Butterscotch’ was unique… my favorite was the over-the-top ‘I Scream Fudge.’

The Times-Picayune

May 11, 2004: “The Creole Creamery offers the kind of spoon/or-straw required indulgences that people ordering on dates during the Truman administration, ideally in places that look a lot like the Creamery, where the floor is paved with black-and-white tiles and the mother sitting at the counter try in vein to talk their kids out of waffle cones they’ll never finish.”

The Times-Picayune

September 3, 2004: “The Creole Creamery on Prytania [harks] back to the heyday of the neighborhood drugstore, where extravagant sundaes were a special treat and fizzy soft-drinks were still mixed by hand.”

Gambit Weekly

January 18, 2005: “A mad scientist of ice cream might be working at the Creole Creamery, where new flavors like peppermint, sweet cream Danish and buttermilk drop are constantly created. For those who prefer a traditional treat, this ice cream shop has revived the classic nectar soda.”

Don’t miss Creole Creamery’s f…

Don’t miss Creole Creamery’s feature on Food Network’s “Chefs vs City!” Sept. 18, 9pm central.

New website launches tomorrow!…

New website launches tomorrow!

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Look for me on WWL @ 8:15 Tuesday morning promoting Crimestoppers Gala & new corresponding flavor, Crimestoppers Crunch!

Just whipped up a new batch of…

Just whipped up a new batch of Happy Puppy Ice Cream For Dogs. Have you brought a pint to your pooch yet? Swing by and pick ’em up a treat.